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alright so this year...i am paying for an apt, a roadtrip, and i'm getting a puppy (in no particular order).
i am graduating at the end of the summer and my parents want me to live on campus. WHAT?! i am DONE.
i've lived on campus for 4 years, i want my last semester here to be GOOD. [i want a BATHROOM all for me!!!!]
well before i move home again, i am getting myself a puppy. it's my graduation present to myself.
and since my parents don't want me living offcampus, i am paying for this all myself. i am draining my savings account.

so please buy some goods? i beg of you!!
roxy.rodriguez at gmail dot com
thanks for looking!!!!!!!!
ps i reduced prices!!!

handwoven hottness!

74inches and $8!!

50 inches and $10!!

45 inches and $10!!

74 inches and $12!!!

43 inches and $9!!

50 inches and $12!!!

61 inches and $10!!

65 inches and $11!!

i also make little coin purses! please request a color. $7!

and very new...i make cell phone cozies by request (i would need the height measurement of your phone!). this one is made from a very fuzzy yarn--it's my own.
i typically use regular yarn, as shown above! $8!

they're super cute and have definately saved my cellphone from scratches and dents!

please note that all prices include shipping!!
thanks so much!!
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